Free Guide - Using iPads with Autism

iPads are a godsend, for people with autism and the caregivers working with them. They can give people their voice back, and enable them to lead independent, fruitful lives. But how do you get started with them?

We wrote a comprehensive guide for you, and this is what it goes over:

  1. Getting an iPad
    1. Securing a grant to get an iPad paid for
    2. Fundraising to get an iPad
  2. Places to find apps for autism
    1. Finding the right apps
    2. How to get a refund if you need one
  3. Types of apps
    1. AAC apps
    2. Choice boards
    3. Visual schedules
    4. Social stories
  1. iPad accessories
    1. Protective Cases
  2. Optimizing iPad settings
    1. Settings to increase battery life
    2. Guided access
    3. Parental restrictions
    4. Setting up iCloud accounts.

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Free Guide - Using iPads With Autism

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