Visual Routine

Visual Routine is every visual schedule you need, on iOS.

Use This App To:

  • Visual Routine is the best low-cost visual scheduling app on the App Store.
  • Visual routines are matched with photo, audio and text prompting for every step in the routine. ┬áThis ensures that the patient understands each step being taken.
  • Choices can be embedded within a single step, meaning that choices can be pre-set into the visual routine. ┬áThis is great for choices like “What do you want for breakfast,” or “What do you want to do at recess today?”

Key Features Include:

  • Unlimited routine length
  • Schedules can be picture-only, text-only, audio-only, or whatever combination you prefer.
  • Permanent & unlimited routine storage
  • Embedding up to 4 choices within each routine step
  • Easy routine setup from main screen
  • Optional audio feedback whenever a step is completed

What people say about Visual Routine...

I like that I can make text only schedules, or picture only schedules, or combine both.

Apps 4 Children With Special Needs

Visual Routine by Pufferfish Software is an easy-to-use, visual schedule creator/viewer that can be used with children with special needs.

Consonantly Speaking

Visual Routine is a wonderful program for creating and using visual schedules.

Jack Kieffer

Founder, Autism Plugged In

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