Social Stories

Social Stories helps autistic people understand and react well to new situations.

Use This App To:

  • Social Stories is an ABA app designed to help autistic people understand social situations and give them tools to respond well to their environment, in their environment.
  • Social Stories are created by caregivers, and then presented to autistic people either before or during new situations.  This preparation and forewarning helps them cope with and enjoy the new experience more, avoiding meltdowns or shutdowns that are painful for the autistic.
  • The accompanying photo and audio prompts make it easier for people who have trouble understanding written or verbal directions.

Key Features Include:

  • Customizable text, audio and pictures
  • Multi-page stories
  • Clearly labeled page arrows on-screen
  • Easy-to-use edit screen
  • 11 stock photos included

What people say about Social Stories...

Social Stories is a life-saver for teachers and parents working with special needs kids.

Helen Wagner


There are lots of applications on the market that are great for creating social stories – Social Stories is one of these applications.

Consonantly Speaking

I would recommend this app to the parents of my students.

Bethany Thompson

Special Education Teacher

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