Present A Choice

Quickly present a set of choices to your patient.

Use This App To:

  • Present a set of choices to a patient, allowing people to communicate more clearly their own wants and needs.
  • Choices can be expressed on-the-go, since choice sets can be made within the app in a minute or less.
  • Choice sets are infinitely reusable.

Key Features Include:

  • 2, 3, or 4 options per choice
  • A picture for every choice option
  • A line of text for every choice option
  • Choice sets are saved
  • Stock images are included
  • Photos can be taken inside of the app for choices
  • Or, you can choose photos from your photo library

What people say about Present A Choice...

Overall, this is a fantastic little app for the price – just 99ยข


It is easy to use and very clean.

Consonantly Speaking

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