Emotion Cards

Emotion Cards is a library to people learn and express emotions.

Use This App To:

  • Teach people about different emotions and how to recognize them on other people.  Quizzes can be done by hiding the picture labels on emotions.
  • Provide a library of expressions for people to search through and select to communicate what they’re feeling.  Great for when the person also isn’t exactly sure what they’re feeling.

Key Features Include:

  • A full collection of 81 different emotions, grouped into 9 categories.
  • A definition button for every emotion, complete with a pronunciation guide.
  • Audio prompting is available for people who can’t read.
  • Showing/hiding text labels for emotions, for quizzing on emotions.

What people say about Emotion Cards...

Emotion Cards by Pufferfish Software is definitely a great choice!

Consonantly Speaking

When he’s frustrated and having a really hard time explaining to me what is going on he goes into the Emotion Cards app and chooses as he was shown by his therapist and myself what is going on… I just want to say it’s the best .99¢ I’ve spent in a while!

Charly James


Even better is the fact that it is not only compatible with the iPad it works on your phone as well!


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