Our Values


Autism is already expensive. When over 90% of people with autism have IBS and can’t even get basic medical insurance, the last thing families need is for expensive software to be piled on top of that. We keep our apps low-cost, so that you don’t need to apply for waiver money to afford them.


People change. As they grow and age, their needs change. We make sure our apps are adaptable to whatever situation and content you need, so that you don’t need to be constantly following software trends to make sure you or your patient is cared for.


We make apps for the autistic, not for their caregivers. That means our goal is to make software that gives independence back to the autistic, so that they don’t need to rely so heavily on caregivers to navigate their life. Autistic people want independence and autonomy just as much as anyone else, and we’re here to help them get it.

Our Story

Pufferfish Software believes that it’s important that autistic people are able to lead their own independent lives, the way they want to live them. We believe in helping autistic people communicate, so that they are able to express when they are in pain or need something. We believe in giving them the tools they need to handle their surroundings, so that they don’t need to have painful meltdowns or shutdowns. We believe in putting the health of the autistic person first; not cutting corners because it makes it easier on caregivers.

Megan Holstein

Megan Holstein

Sole Proprietor

Megan started making apps for autistic children when she turned fifteen, and she saw that the apps available for her autistic brother were not good enough. Touch Talking, the first app, made $100 in two months of sales on the App Store. The success inspired her to keep building apps throughout high school, working with local teachers, autistic children, and her brother to get the apps just right. She continues her work while attending the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.