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Apps that give autistic people their independence back.

Visual Routine

Visual Routine is a simple, easy to program visual schedule that helps autistic people keep a routine. Routines can be tailored to their needs with audio feedback, and customizable pictures, audio, and text. Instead of carrying around pecs or a laminated schedule, this app will let you have routines preset and then run them to show the person, in an easy way, what they have to do.

Social Stories

Social Stories is an ABA app designed to help autistic people understand social situations and give them tools to respond correctly to their environment, in their environment. Social Stories is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand, with big controls and no fine-motor required for use.

Emotion Cards

Emotion Cards is a set of picture cards on the iPhone of 81 emotions. A broad selection of pictures of emotions helps the autistic person find the emotion they’re feeling, and express it to a caregiver or teacher.

Present A Choice

Present a Choice is an app designed to help a caregiver quickly present a set of choices to someone with autism. Great for when the autistic person is having a meltdown or shutdown, or other trouble communicating.

Touch Talking

Touch Talking is an app designed as a speech learning assistant, displaying pictures of common objects. When the autistic person taps on this picture, the name of the object plays. Double tap on any image on the home page, and it opens up the category.

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